Cooling Water Treatment

In collaboration with our strategic partners, we can provide the necessary chemicals needed to treat various cooling systems

Waste Water Treatment

We can provide the necessary chemicals needed to treat waste water applications in industrial, commercial, or municipal situations.

Equipment and Automation

We are capable of implementing a completely hands off control system utilizing our Sure Safe Tote Tanks along with controllers and pumps of your choice.

Water Generation

CNET-OUTAONE Antigua is teaming up with a verity of strategic partners to research and develop multiple water and waste solutions for Antigua and Barbuda. This system will be a model that other islands will follow.CNET-OUTAONE Antigua’s ambition is to solve Antigua and Barbuda’s 1,000,000 gallon a day deficit.

“We are facing serious water shortages ... for irrigation of crops, firefighting, domestic consumption or consumption by the hotel/hospitality and entertainment sector". The worst drought in five years is creeping across the Caribbean.

From Puerto Rico to Cuba to the eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda, crops are withering, reservoirs are drying up and cattle are dying while forecasters worry that the situation could only grow worse in the coming years.