New Job Creation


The positions listed below are, at a minimum, necessary for oversight and administrative functions related to CNET Antigua programs and activities to assure successful program delivery.  These positions are not, by any means, intended to replace currently existing position in Antigua and Barbuda having related functions or services.  Instead, all new services and positions are meant to complement existing positions to ensure the successful installation, management, operations, servicing, and technology transfer of the systems, services for all CNET-OUTAONE Antigua projects.


  • Director of Innovative Energy Solutions
  • Solar Energy Manager
  • Wind Energy Manager

Education Caribbean Institute of Sustainable Technology

  • Administrator, (CIST)
  • Deputy Administrator
  • Program Coordinator

Sanitation, Waste and Water

  • Coordinator of Water
  • Coordinator of Sanitation and Waist Manager


  • Farmers Outreach Program Director
  • Warehousing Director
  • Open-Air-Market Manager
  • Transportation and Distribution Director
  • Research and Development Coordinator


Upon approval, the housing program will require the following administrative positions:

  • Program Manager of Housing
  • Director Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance
  • Application Services Manage


  • Coordinator of Workforce Development
  • Skills Training Coordinator