Hydroponic Farming

A method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

Packing and Distribution Center

A state of the art center to level the field for farmers to position them for success.

Open Air Market

A central marketplace for farmers to sell their food and grow their business.


CNET-OUTAONE ANTIGUA has the capacity to develop hydroponic farming for the purpose of building and developing a Processing and Distribution Center. We are creating a system that will make life easier for farmers.

We aim to revolutionize the produce industry in the Caribbean. Our goal is to produce and provide products that are normally imported into the country for a much lower cost to citizens, supermarkets, hotels and cruise ships. The job creation that supports this endeavor will effect the quality of life for the people of Westmoreland.

Hydroponics operations are becoming a popular business model option for new-age farmers. With the demand for organic foods, commercial hydroponics can become an economically viable option for food supply in urban areas. Not only does the business owner feel its direct economic benefits, but the community, as a whole, benefits from its operation.

Here are 7 economic benefits that are attributed to successful commercial hydroponics facilities:

1. Creates jobs for local citizens

2. Controllable operating costs through conserved water and energy consumption

3. Yield more crops in less time

4. Producing better quality crops-adds value to the produce

5. Product cost cut do to no shipping costs

6. Greater market acceptance means people are willing to pay for it

7. Maximize production efficiency