Education. Agriculture. Water Generation. Renewable Energy. Engineering & Planning.

Planning for a Sustainable Future.

Antigua   &   Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda GREEN Energy Initiative

CNET Antigua will team with Team Fresh Produce Cooperate (TFPC) to develop a historically Sustainable Resource Program. Together with our Partners, we will work to protect the ecosystems and all common things (air, land, and water) that are most important to us by delivering practical and sustainable energy solutions that will carry us well into the 21st Century.

Sustainable Energy Program

Our Vision

Vision: Our team vision is to address workforce develop needs and create a uniquely-focused skill training, research, and development program that prepares the people of Antigua and Barbuda for meaningful employment leading to maximum independence, achievement of life-long goals, and an improved quality of life. It is our philosophy that the focus will always remain on solutions that address individual’s hopes, dreams, and their vision a productive future.



CNET ANTIGUA has the capacity to develop hydroponic farming for the purpose of building and developing a Packing and Distribution Center. We are creating a system that will make life easier for farmers.

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Water Generation

CNET ANTIGUA will develop multiple water and waste solutions for Antigua. This system will be a model that other islands will follow.

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Engineering & Planning

CNET has partnered with The Tolleson Limited Company (TLC) to provides civil engineering, planning, and design for this project. TLC specializes in civil and energy efficient works that interact with the land, water and air.

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Open Air Market

A proposed “CNET ANTIGUA” will be located in a centralized geography region of Barbuda. It should be adjacent to a central business district with access to multi-modal transportation services.

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It is the mission of CNET ANTIGUA to partner with the Antiguan Government to develop a skill training and research and development program to provide the highest quality services that will empower people to gain maximum independence, goal achievement and quality of life.

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Renewable Energy

Our strategic partners hold a variety of skill sets in the areas of renewable energy, water generation, agriculture, engineering, education, construction and more and we realize that prosperity requires protecting all natural resources so that we can provide a better work-life and balance on our planet.

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